It’s a Purple Autumn

With August heading into the back half of the month, school terms getting ready to begin and the official start of the fall season only about a month away, it is time to start thinking about a style adjustment.

purple-2-300x214Lucky for us guys though, when it comes to the changing colors of the seasons, Mother Nature does all the hard work, we just have to follow her lead. So as the leaves begin to slowly change, take note, these arpurple 2e the colors that will define your upcoming wardrobe.

Now for most people, this is probably common knowledge, so I’m going to spare the boring details of the usual fall shades—reds, yellows, browns, oranges and even grays—and instead describe to you a great color that amplifies the classics: purple. It should be made clear, this is not the type of purple you would see in a teenage girl’s store; this is the deep, midnight purple that women look at and lose all inhibitions.

With so many autumn styles holding the burnt, rustic look, purple is an excellent way to add just enough different without going overboard. The important thing to remember though is that purple can be used best as an undertone. From the smallest of details, such as purple stitching and linings, to the larger items like scarves, pocket squares, and ties (, a small amount purple can take an outfit from ordinary to phenomenally unique.

We’ve ignited the flame for you; all you need to do is add the fuel. This autumn, you can stick to the common knowledge and focus only on the classics, or you can step up your game, show people you know what it means to look good and wear that extra bit of purple.

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