Screw Getting a Girl; Get a Woman!

Lets take a look at the man-idol known as George Clooney! Not too long ago, he was a beacon of hope for all those young lads out there who dreamt of living the extravegant bachelor’s life. But then he got married.

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing. In fact, I would say it’s inspirational! If you haven’t yet done your research on his beautiful wife, get on Wikipedia NOW! Her name is Amal Ramzi Alamuddin and if most top girls are considered a “dime piece,” she would be a hundred dollar bill.

Amal (I’m going to put myself on a first name basis with her) is an exceptionally smart, talented, and gorgeous woman. She is a kick-ass international lawyer; she’s written a book; she’s worked with the UN; ANNNDDD she’s of British and Lebonese decent—so yes, she has both an incredibly sexy accent and that Middle Eastern beauty. I read a post on some other blog that basically said “Whoever that guy is she’s marrying, he’s one lucky son-of-a-gun!” And that is a 100% correct! Dear Mr. George Clooney, the wait was worth it!

So how do we get a girl like Amal? It may seem impossible, right? Wrong! There are all of those things we’ve read like love your job, keep her happy, be spontaneous, etc., and these are the hard parts, but if you’re chassing a girl like Amal, they’re necessary. There is one relatively easy thing though and that is knowing how to look good. Mr. George Clooney, our great friend, he knocks this field out of the park! Unfortunately though, we do not all have his charmingly good looks. amal

amal-300x168So for the rest of us, whether heavy set, skinny, or right in the middle, if we walk down the street dressed well, groomed well, and beaming with confidence, women will turn their heads, even girls like Amal.

Grooming is dependent on your natural looks and a great place to check out tips for how to groom your manliness, check out Men’s Health Grooming. For the style, you need to make sure everything not only matches, but also fits perfectly. Not too loose, not too tight, right lengths. I MEAN PERFECT!! Unfortunately though, not every man has an easy body to shop for. And that is when custom clothing comes to the rescue.

Before you leave after seeing the words “Custom Clothing” and thinking expensive, think again! Custom clothing is now incredibly affordable. There are numerous places to shop online by simply sending in your measurements and getting great quality, great fitting designs that will definitely amp up your appearance. For some more advice on getting that custom style look.

Now go out there, looking like Mr. George Clooney, and get the attention of that incredible woman!

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